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The two-day event will bring together the biggest brands, along with some of the most influential and successful brand builders together, granting attendees a peek into what goes on behind-the-scenes to build a successful brand.The event will see various established as well as many emerging, high-potential brands, accompanied by ecosystem enablers, influencers and more, discussing and exchanging ideas on critical social, cultural, environmental, and business trends that define today’s post-pandemic marketplace. Additionally, the event will also be a thriving ground for one-on-one informal meetings, cool product launches, engaging workshops, and will give the audience an opportunity to understand the various nuances of building a brand amidst the country's D2C rush.

The Pitcher's Club
Neo-brand builders looking to break into the Indian marketplace
Product Launches
Who doesn't love product launches? Come experience some of the coolest products and offerings that brands have to offer during Brand Residency. And also don't forget to take your samples
Interactive Workshops
Intent based learning sessions  with some of the best brand builders and enablers in the country. See the Agenda tab to see the full list of workshops
The After party*
A closed room networking party at the end of the event to help you unwind and get to know the key stakeholders in the ecosystem better. *Please check ticket category for attending the after party
Learn from the Best
Keynotes, Fireside chats, and panel discussions from some of the best founders and brand builders in the country
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how the world’s leading brands are influencing behavior at scale, empowering consumers to become champions for a sustainable future
Get real insights
on new strategies to navigate the industry
Connect & network
with industry experts, discuss current and future strategies/trends in consumer brands
Track 1
Brand building in uncertain times
The essentials of building a pan-Indian recall and demand
As D2C brands travel far and beyond, a market leader shares perspective on essentials of emerging as a winner in this space
India’s D2C landscape: The inside story of a market primed for unicorns and IPOs in the next few years
Decoding the marketing dynamics and the future of D2C landscape with a market leader in this space
Winning Bharat
The dos and don’ts of winning customers from Tier II and beyond
Decoding the internet generation: Millennials in focus
The native to the internet generation is willing to explore and vibe with differentiated brands. How can brands delight them?
Learning the art of brand building from the OGs
Listening from an established, legacy brand on surviving and winning the market
The differentiators: Adoption of omnichannel market presence
From email to social media, and from websites to third-party messaging platforms, brands have increased their focus on digital efforts to drive customer acquisition and retention
Creating with creators
How can brands leverage influencers to grow brand love
Track 2
Technologies shaping the brands of tomorrow
A to Z of building a brand that lasts
A market leader decodes the importance of using the right tech and innovation tools and mindset to build a solid brand
Making D2C channel profitable
While setting up a D2C business is pretty simple in today's tech-driven world, the true challenge lies in scaling it and ensuring sustained growth. Decoding the growth dynamics with a leader who has cracked the D2C code!
The differentiators: Product innovations
Top leaders in the space decode the importance of offering products that solve for market gaps and how latest technologies are helping them do the same
The differentiators: Accelerating experience
With hoards of brands chasing the customers, what can you do to make your brand stand-out when it comes to building a superior customer experience
Data-driven decision making: Important key to unlock success
With brands collecting hoards of data, they need the right partners and tech to be able to decode it to understand the customers better
Enabling the D2C success story
Discussing the role of enablers
Innovations in marketing
With so much market rush and social media noise, what can brands do to stand out in the way they reach out and retain customers
Track 3
Masterclasses & workshops
Role of marketing in solidifying a brand’s journey
The art of brand building
Gaining a competitive edge in a highly agile market
Crafting contextual, relevant and personalised campaigns for your users
The dos and don’ts of staying relevant in the digital world
A to Z of building the right technology stack
A guide to create and implement a customer centric strategy for your brand
How to build a subscription model that works?
Walk the line: Balancing scale and growth
CXOs discuss the magic mantra of walking the fine line between top-line growth and long-term sustainability  
Going global: Opportunities and challenges
Founder of global D2C brands discuss what it means to make in India, for the world!
Dialling up the sustainability quotient
With India riding the D2C surge, it's imperative for brands to keep sustainability in mind when it comes to packaging, deliveries, etc.
Growth hacks for a cross-border e-commerce strategy
Decoding the toolkit required by a D2C startup to thrive in a global market, without getting lost in the crowd
Building a brand, a culture and a future-ready workforce
The importance of investing in people and managing talent acquisition and retention while building a successful brand
Anil Agrawal
Additional Secretary,
Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade
Dia Mirza
Actor, Investor, UN Ambassador
T Koshy
Chief Executive Officer,
Open Network For Digital Commerce [ONDC]
Shradha Sharma
Founder & CEO        YourStory
Rishi Vasudev
CEO & Co-founder,
G.O.A.T. Brand Labs
Gaurav Dadhich
General Manager - Product Management,
Shivani Poddar
Co-founder & CEO,
Bhavik Vasa
Founder & CEO,
Chakradhar Gade
Country Delight
Dr. Chintan Vaishnav
Mission Director,
Atal Innovation Mission.
Abhishek Chandra
Meghana Narayan
Slurrp FarmSlurrp
Dipanjan Basu
Partner & CFO,
Fireside Ventures
Malika Datt Sadani
Founder and CEO,
The Moms Co.
Nitin Agarwal
Chief Executive Officer,
Bala Sarda
Prem  Bhatia
Co-founder & CEO,
Sankalp Mehrotra
Vice President Monetisation,
Gaurav Khatri
Co-founder & CEO,
Vikas Bagaria
Founder & CEO,
Priy Ranjan
Co-founder & CEO, Shopflo

Soumya Kant
Co-Founder & Chief Growth Officer,
Ishan Grover
Founder & CEO,
Arjun Vaidya
Ventures Lead -
Verlinvest, India,
Manish Pandey
Bade Bhaiya,
Josh Talks
Arman Sood
Sleepy Owl Coffee
Bharat Sethi
Rage Coffee
Ahana Gautam
CEO & Co-founder,
Open Secret
Shalini Sinha Raj
The Infused Kettle
Reemsha Reen
Chief of Staff,
Fireside Ventures
Anamika Pandey
Lokendra Singh Ranawat
CEO & Co-founder,
Wooden Street
Mohit Sadaani
The Moms Co.
Mohit Jain
Founder & CEO,
Vedang Patel
The Souled Store
Gudipudi Krishna Sharma
Startup India
Vaibhav Sisinty
Founder & CEO,
Growth School
Aishvarya Murali
The Unbottle Co
Samriddh Dasgupta
Chief Marketing Officer,
Heads Up For Tails
Anubhav Dubey
Chai Sutta Bar
Hitesh Dhingra
The Man Company
Meeta Sharma Gupta
Barkha Bhatnagar Das
Greendigo - organic
Prafull Billore
MBA Chaiwala, Founder & CEO,
MBA Chai Wala
Sakshi Mittal
Head - Growth & Marketing, Paytm Ads
Vinayak Aggarwal
Founder & CEO,
Sukhleen Aneja
CEO, Good Brands Co,
The Good Glamm Group
Aditya Ruia
Neel Gogia
Shreedha Singh
CEO & Co-founder,
T.A.C The Ayurveda Company
Jivraj Singh
Indian Silicon Valley
Deepak Gupta
Bombay Shaving Company
Devlena Collishaw
Community Manager,
YourStory  Media
Sindhu Kashyap
Lead Editor, International Initiatives,
Varnika Gupta
Director - Content, Brand Solutions, YourStory
Giriraj Kiradoo
Head, Languages, YourStory
Aiyappa Somayanda
Head - New Initiatives, YourStory
Aishik Purkait
Multimedia Producer Founder's office,
YourStory Media
Brands Attending
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