With Brands of New India, we wish to tap the unexplored brands that have emerged in recent years. After many months of engaging and working with founders in the D2C sector, we have come to understand that there are many brands that are yet to be discovered. We aim to bridge this wide gap by showcasing brands, their unique products and exceptional marketing strategies.

BoNI Circle is attempting to penetrate these untapped markets by bringing together these high-potential brands through various meetups, conversations, mentorship & investment connections and themes synonymous to the D2C community, leading to a cohesive approach to learning and building brands while exposing them to the ever-growing D2C ecosystem.

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With this, we are launching a series of meetups under the BoNI Circle called ‘D2C Carwaan’, with an agenda to onboard various D2C founders from across India to our Carwaan, thus uniting the brands of Bharat in a single forum. So, come join us and let's build it together. And don’t forget to hop on to our Carwaan which is coming to your city soon!!

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