How do you describe a brand? By its heritage? Its distribution? Its communication? Today’s brands are so much more.They offer an unbelievable amount of choice, even customisation. They are on shelves ranging from your mobile phone to your neighbourhood kirana store. They are sustainable, and do good. They actively seek feedback, and regularly engage with their community. They are constantly morphing and changing to serve their consumers better.We believe these new-age brands are defined by far more than their product or their positioning. They represent the entrepreneurs who started them. The community that embraces them. The ambassadors and influencers who speak for them. At Brands of New India, we are exploring the many facets of today's brands through this exciting new series of sessions in partnership with Fireside Ventures.Do join us as we unravel the practical nuts and bolts of building brands for a new generation – we’ll be talking about community, channels, choices, funding, sustainability, and every other aspect of the brand founding teams should be thinking of.

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